Ensure Home Safety with Yomisga Home Security Door Lock Reinforcement – Extra Front Doors Security Devices Built to Withstand 800 lbs and Guard Against Door Kick-ins – Child Proof Aluminum Door Locks


About Us

Yomisga has been focusing on developing, producing and selling various practical, high-quality and versatile products that improve your life. We’re happy to add safety, convenience, fun and happiness to your daily life.

Set up Yomisga door locks and experience flawless use with protection that gives you peace of mind. Extra home security and privacy can be achieved in just blinks.

Security Door Lock

How did we get our start?

We develop products out of a passion for achieving both simple form and full functionality.

What makes our products unique?

Yomisga devoted to create products that make your daily live more easy and effective. Our designers work out and innovate products based on the needs of customers.

Why do we love what we do?

It’s so fulfilling that you can help people to discard everything that is non-functional in order to make room for what is valuable and what gives pleasure. If you are a home improvement lover just like we are, we hope you will stay with us for a longer time.

front door securityfront door security

Simple Installation: Mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions are provided to help ensure an easy and quick installation. The door reinforcement lock also features soft rubber pad so you can less worry about scratching and wear and tear. Simply set up yomisga safety locks for doors to guard your home in a blink.

Easy to Use: It’s disturbed to operate when the lock is hard to grab, this home security door lock is designed differently; it includes 2 grooves at the top and the bottom to help you grip it easily; also features arrows for indication. You can check both the image and video on this page for installation tips and operating instructions.

Child Proof & Tamper Resistant: Adopting a spring-loaded design, this extra door lock from inside is tough enough to prevent unauthorized entry and easy to mount out of kid’s reach. Childproof yet tamper-resistant make it a perfect front door child safety lock.

Versatile: Add ultra-sturdy interior door locks for front door security, locks for door inside, inward swinging, basement and garage doors to give you extra protection and peace of mind. Not just for you, the door protector security lock is a great gift option for ladies, friends, the elderly, pet owners, new parents, or any one that could benefit from some additional security devices.

Price: $11.99
(as of Sep 11, 2023 07:01:44 UTC – Details)

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