Halloween Pumpkin Spice Incense Sticks – (80 Insenses) Charcoal Free, Made from Upcycled Flowers | Fall Incense Sticks with Fruity-Spicy Aroma, Create Spooky Pagan Decor with These Halloween Incense

Product Description

World’s cleanest incense for conscious ‘ME’ time Pumpkin spice incense sticks for fall incensePumpkin spice incense sticks for fall incense

why pumpkin spice incense sticks?why pumpkin spice incense sticks?

Why we love this incense? Charcoal free clean incense sticksCharcoal free clean incense sticks 100% Charcoal Free Incense

Charcoal is know to produce toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, xylene when burnt. Hence we replaced it completely.

incenses are made from flowersincenses are made from flowers Upcycles flowers

Flowers offered in religious places are collected, cleaned, dried and powdered to make these Incense.

Handmade incense makingHandmade incense making Handmade Incense

We directly support 15 rural women who are currently involved in making these incense.

Natural clean incense sticksNatural clean incense sticks Clean & Calming

Burning clean good incense can help you with stress and anxiety relief.

Why calmveda was started? pumpkin incense for halloween incense mission statementpumpkin incense for halloween incense mission statement

Watch Calmveda’s story and our incense making process

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Pack consists of-

80 Sticks

80 Sticks

80 Sticks

80 Sticks

80 Sticks


For Spiritual healing

For Cleansing & Smudging

For Meditation

For Relaxation & Holiday Vibes

For Love & Care

Smells Like

Resinous, Sweet, Exotic

Earthy, Camphor, Sweet

Sweet, Woody, Indian

Sweet Tobacco, Exotic

Fresh Floral & Sweet

Burn Time

Above 45 Mins

Above 45 Mins

Above 45 Mins

Above 45 Mins

Above 45 Mins

Handmade Incense

FESTIVE FALL INCENSE – These pumpkin incense has warm, spicy cinnamon and fruity aroma, reminiscent of autumn essence. Light these and transform your surroundings into cozy, fall-scented haven.
MADE FROM SACRED FLOWERS : Over 800 mil tonne of flower is offered to Gods in India every year, which is then directly disposed in rivers. We UPCYCLE these holy flowers to use in our incense sticks.
WHY USE TOXIC CHEMICAL INCENSE? : Calmveda natural incense uses only IFRA compliant fragrances to create a truly beneficial and relaxing experience for you.
LOOKING FOR THOUGHTFUL GIFT ? : Each of us wants love, care & comfort for our loved ones. These handmade natural incense are perfect way to convey these feelings.
HANDMADE BY INDIAN ARTISANS : Raw incense is sourced directly from rural women self help groups in India. This way we economically empower this community while providing you authentic products.

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