Set of 3 stylish Decorative books for home decor. Coffee table books, entryways, and bookshelves. Black and White Decor. For home office. Hardcover with inspiration from Paris, New York, London.

Functionality and aesthetics: Our books for house decor serve as practical notepads for work tasks, travel notes or sketches. Enhance your mood with this unique combination of comfort and aesthetics.
Ideal for Office Decor: Perfect for any office, our decor books enhance workspaces, bookshelf and meeting areas. The book decor adds sophistication and becomes a symbol of a stylish work environment.
Technical Features: Our decorative books, faux books for decoration, feature stylish hardcovers and white pages. The set of 3 books in a gift box, each book representing a world capital. Each book measures 250mm x 170mm x 20mm.
Practicality and Inspiration: Our set features three decorative books showcasing the beauty of Paris, London, and New York. Infuse your home with the spirit of upcoming adventures and uplift your mood with our curated collection.
Great as a Gift: If you’re looking for a unique gift, our decorative, faux books are a thoughtful choice. Our book set suits any interior – they’re not just books, they’re a style statement.

Price: $28.57
(as of Sep 20, 2023 07:15:51 UTC – Details)

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