Towallmark 24-Inch Magnetic Sweeper with Wheels: Efficiently Pick Up Nails with Quick Release Latch and Adjustable Long Handle – 33 LB Capacity

📌【Unique Handle】By simply lifting the quick-release handle, the floor magnet will instantly drop and eliminate all attached magnetized metal pieces for a quick cleanup. The extendable handle has a range from 29″ to 45″ to prevent bending and back strain.
🔨【Extra-Wide Magnet】The generous magnetic rectangle of this 24-inch/36-inch sweeper magnet covers a larger area and collects more metal compared to smaller magnet sweepers. Thanks to the wide sweeper coverage, you will save both time and energy during cleanup.
📌【Upgraded Magnetic Sweeper】 Equipped with a carrying capacity of up to 33 lbs., this magnet sweeper can collect excess metal pieces from anywhere. Use this heavy-duty magnetic pickup tool in garages, workshops, or jobsites to effectively clean up the area.
🛠️【Smooth Magnetic Tool】The 7-inch tires roll effortlessly on various surfaces such as carpet, grass, concrete, hardwood floors, and rough grounds. The wheels feature adjustable clearance space ranging from 3/4″ to 1 1/2″, ensuring easy usage in any situation.

Price: $54.88
(as of Sep 18, 2023 01:01:31 UTC – Details)

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