Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Charmline Smart Cutting Board and Knife Set in Green – Complete with Color Coded Boards, 4 Knives, Scissors, Sharpeners, and Smart Home Organization

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smart cutting bord setsmart cutting bord set


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Charmline is a energetic company for household products, we have a group of factories with good long term relationship to cooperate on product manufactory.

We have good experience of global market, well known the regulations on food safe and environmental management system.

At Charmline, we believe in the corporate slogan:”Life is harmony, Charmline is one part of life”


Smart Knife Cutting Board

Why do you need a versatile cutting board set?

Cutting board set, with containers,4 knives, 4pcs Cutting BoardsDry and clean function


Smart Knife Cutting Board

Chopping Board Kitchen Tools Drying Holder with 4pcs Cutting Boards, 4 knives


Drying Holder

Chopping Board and Knife Set


Cleaning and Storage

Chopping Board and Knife Set with stand.

3 Color-Coded Chopping Boards: Each cutting board is specifically designed for different types of food. For instance, the cutting board for fish has a non-slip surface. Color-Coded index are present on the boards, indicating which food type they should be used for, whether it’s raw meat, raw fish, vegetables, or cooked food.
4 Knives for Various Purposes: Our set includes four different types of knives tailored to handle various foods, along with a pair of scissors and a sharpener.
Cutting Board Organizers and Storage: Experience the convenience of organized placement for your cutting boards and knives, allowing them to dry and stay clean. The knives and cutting boards are also dishwasher safe.
Smart and Modern Kitchen Gadgets: Elevate the cleanliness, tidiness, and intelligence of your kitchen. Is this product expensive? Not at all. You’ll receive a well-designed set of cutting boards and knives, along with smart and advanced cutting board holders and a knife rack.
We Have Your Back: Enjoy a 12-month warranty and dedicated customer service that supports you throughout your experience.

Price: $129.00
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