Vintage Ribbed Glass Cups with Lids and Straws – Set of 4 | Perfect Cocktail Whiskey Glasses & Iced Coffee Cups | Bamboo Lid | Ideal Aesthetic Gift

Are you still in search of a drinking glass that combines aesthetics?

Our vintage ribbed glassware set will bring you pleasant surprises. If you enjoy collecting glasses, it will be the perfect addition to your collection!

The design of these ribbed glass cups is simple and creative, providing a comfortable grip and enhancing your drinking experience. They are perfect for various occasions, making them the best choice for entertaining guests and ensuring that everyone enjoys a good time!

The ribbed glassware set features vintage origami-style glass cups with lids and straws, and they are stackable, saving you valuable space. The set includes 4 pieces.

Product Items: 4 Highball Glasses (16oz) + 4 bamboo lids + 4 Glass Straws + 2 straw brushes + 1 cup cleaning brush

Materials: Premium Lead-Free Ultra-thick Glass

Wide Range of Uses: These glasses can be used as iced coffee cups, cocktail glasses, smoothie cups, whiskey glasses, margarita glasses, tea cups, boba cups, fruit juice cups, milk cups, and more.

Ergonomic Design

  • The extra thick flat bottom design is not only non-slip but also provides a comfortable grip.
  • The protective round spout ensures safer drinking.

All-Purpose Glass Cups

These ribbed drinking glasses are highly popular among beverage lovers. They can easily be used for making iced coffee, water, beer, soda, boba bubble pearl milk tea, tea, smoothies, fruit juice, cocktails, and more colorful drinks.

Stackable to Save Space

  • Easy stacking and storage in cabinets
  • User-friendly design

These multi-function ribbed glassware are great for making boba bubble pearl milk tea, iced coffee, smoothies, beer, tea, fruit juice, whiskey, etc. They are highly popular in families, pubs, restaurants, and cafes.
[DURABLE & FOOD-GRADE] The ribbed glassware is made of quality thick clear glass, which is lead-free, BPA-free, safe, and food-grade. They are robust and heat-resistant, anti-cracking, and anti-shattering. They are great for dishwasher safe and easy to hand-wash. These ribbed drinking glasses are crystal-clear, stylish, and beautiful, and can be used as iced coffee cups, beer glasses, cocktail whiskey glass cups.
[UPGRADE LARGE CAPACITY & STACKABLE] The 16-ounce large capacity of the ribbed glassware allows you to hold more iced coffee, cocktails, or homemade drinks, ensuring that your party lasts longer. The origami-style design of this vintage glassware allows for easy stacking on top of each other, making it both fun and practical.
[AESTHETIC DESIGN & AMAZING GIFTS] These vintage European-style origami glassware, with their distinct ridges on the surface, are gorgeous and sophisticated, impressing everyone around you at a party. Additionally, the ribbed glassware set makes an amazing gift, perfect for occasions such as Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, parties, weddings, housewarming parties, and graduation ceremonies.
[MULTI-PURPOSE DRINKING GLASSES] The ribbed glasses are incredibly versatile and suitable for both hot and cold drinks. They are highly popular in homes, kitchens, bars, cafes, restaurants, and outdoor campsites. These fluted glassware are perfect for beverage lovers, allowing for the creation of various fun holiday drinks such as iced coffee, water, beer, soda, boba bubble pearl milk tea, tea, smoothies, fruit juice, cocktails, whiskey, and more colorful drinks.

Price: $30.99 - $23.99
(as of Sep 07, 2023 01:15:55 UTC – Details)

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